June 6th, 2007



I have to be more careful in my eating, I guess. It's true that nearly 2,000 calories are used up faster than you'd think. It's lunch, and already I've used up over 1,000.

I am proud, however, that I'm still doing this on my 3rd day. Its a small celebration, but a celebration just the same :)
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devil girl

I want to be a Harley....

I went by the Vespa shop today on my way to the bank. I was reminded of a day a few years back.

My friend Bryan and I drove by the shop, and there was a bunch of young "kids" out there (probably early 20s). They were all dressed in leathers, hanging out in front with their Vespa's all done up. I thought "OMG...we have VESPA gangs??" I didn't quite manage to stifle the laughter. Bryan's only commentary?

"Look! When I grow up, I want to be a Harley!"

It still makes me giggle.
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