June 13th, 2007

devil girl

Need to be better

at my food journaling. I haven't been doing as well, and I think part of me just doesn't want to see the bad food choices I make. Much easier to ignore if it isn't in print right in front of you, right?

So, I need to do that. I need to resolve to do that - and to get moving and excersize. I've had excuses lately - it's too late to go out, the kids have to be in bed, I'm too tired right now, etc
I have to stop that too. I'm thinking maybe I could go in the mornings after the kids leave for daycare. I like to have music as I walk, but until I can afford an mp3 player or something, I may just have to suck it up. I need to get moving if I want to shed inches.
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devil girl

Well, bloody hell....

I think my body is fixing to give me a nasty bloody nose. I have that headachy feeling, with a little dizziness - like I've crossed my eyes too long. And there's a tingling in my nose, like I can feel it building up reserves or something - not quite like I want to sneeze, but still tingly.

I haven't had a serious one in some time, so I guess I'm about due. With the wheather changing as consistantly as it has been, I'm not sure that I'm surprised. I just wish it wouldn't come with that odd feeling of crossing my eyes too long.
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