June 19th, 2007


Some days...

I feel like such a blonde.

My mouse hasn't been working consistantly for the computer here at work. I have to shut down to get it to work, at least once a day. So, I email the tech person and let him know. He brings me a new mouse.
Plug said new mouse in - even less response than with the old mouse. So, I go through this routine of shutting off the ocmputer, turning it back on and switching out mice several time - just to be sure everything's in place correctly. Still not working.
So, I email the tech guy back and he comes up to see what the deal is. He makes sure the mouse is solidly connected to the USB adapter on the little pc switch we have (we have a program that runs out of DOS - and thus, two towers and a switch to have the ability to access each one), and nothing happens for him either.
A minute later (much less switching of cords and such - and I think, even without one shut down), he opens a little panel in the front of the pc. A panel which I'd neglected to notice, and plugs it in there. Directly into the tower I need the mouse on...and viola! It works.
I feel so blonde.

I love our tech guy though - he's such a sweetheart to come up and help with such a simple thing. <3
Not to mention he returns an email with the word "sadness"! Awesome.
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