June 29th, 2007

devil girl

Everything's fine

Grandma came home last night, and she's resting now.

When they got to the hospital, she went in for X-rays. Nothing showed, so they're not sure what the issue was. Apparently, grandma told the doctors in the ER that she'd fallen - which, from what I understand, isn't true. She'd been in bed, and from the sounds of it I don't think she'd even made it out of bed for her 'morning' routine. So, basically, she was sent home with a warning to keep an eye on her.

When she got home, the medics and the hospital trip were a rapidly fading memory for her. That worries me a little - I know she's not able to remember a lot of things, and certainly not accurately or chronologically, but I didn't think she forgot major things (and paramedics in your house *would* be major, I'm thinking) so quicky.

Off to work now. I'll post more later.