August 1st, 2007



I downloaded a new client for LJ. I think I like it, but it doesn't seem to have the option for adding tags to the posts. I guess that's alright though, I haven't really used them before. I'll have to check this out a bit more and get a feel for it.

Tarot - Daily card

Ace of Pentacles - Reversed

I have decided to do a daily card, if I remember to do it. I need to draw it in the morning before work and keep it in mind during the day. When I get home I can post about it. No better way to get to know the cards, or see the patterns. I can post my own observations as well as meanings I find on the web and such.

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I have come to adopt the attitude that a reversed card is something that isn't being tapped, or something that's working in the background. Perhaps it means the opposite of it's upright meaning as well - the variations are endless, and what I read sometimes depends on feel or situation too.
None of the meanings I posted fit what I got, really. Aces are often times the beginning of something and the fact that it's reversed says that something is waiting to begin - but not yet. Maybe it's something I was thinking about and this is caution to wait instead of throwing caution to the wind. Pentacles usually has to do with money or material things - well, actually, anything on the material realm.

Today has gone fairly well. I finished a transcript that I was concerned would not get done. I got my speed up, today I was at 15/16 pages all day. I have to be at 12 pages per hour to be paid per page. I was thinking that may happen soon, but I do want to wait a little before going to boss man. There's been a lot to contemplate on the romance side as well, though nothing is resolved there. I don't expect it to be for a little bit.

The one thing that's directly money related worked out well - for the best, I think. Over the weekend, we took the carseats out of mom's car (I'll post about the weekend soon) to make room for the birds. When we got home, they weren't on the porch anymore. Mom thought maybe one of my uncles took them to be donated because they were near the huge pile of donation items. Until this evening after I got home, I expected to have to buy new car seats for the kids because we hadn't heard back. Fortunately, the seats were moved to the garage. I could have purchased the seats tonight, but my funds would have been even tighter than they already are. We have decided to get the kids high backed boosters, but I can buy them one at a time now and take my time considering which brand/model to buy, too.

At any rate, it seems I'm being cautioned to wait. What I'm supposed to be waiting on, I'm not entirely sure.