August 2nd, 2007


Tarot - Card of the Day


To me this card has always meant a big, but slow change. A transition from one phase to another, or a rethinking of ideas over time. Unlike the Tower, which is sudden and destructive - like the rug pulled from under your feet, the Death card isn't a total shake down.

I'm not going to look up meanings for this card because I'm secure enough in my own translation of it, that it would only be more details and I have a difficult enough time keeping those straight as it is! ;)

I did feel a change today. Even though work was difficult to concentrate on and I had to really push myself (this is a difficult transcript for some reason), I'm not dragging as much as I usually do on these kinds of days. I also noticed that even though I'm still a little reserved, I'm not as uncommunicative as I have been the last few days. I don't feel quite as restless or out of place. It's like I've taken a deep breath and let it out slowly...and ended with a smile. Maybe it's the sunshine today - reminding me that beautiful days, especially around here, should not be taken for granted. The beautiful light, the warm air.....even the bridge going up on my home today didn't bother me. I could see the mast of the boat as it slid beneath the 'gate' to complete its journey.

So, is a good day. Definately, my spirits have lifted in a noticable way though I can't attest to the reason. I think, though, that I'm just going to enjoy it :)
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