August 17th, 2007

devil girl

Things to do

Things to do in the near future:

Purchase a new tarot deck (my son spilled coffee on my favorite deck)
Purchase wrapping paper for gifts
Purchase things to go inside a pinata
Gain copies of paystubs from former employer (half done - I called)
Fill out paperwork for the state
Make copies of paystubs from current employer (have them in hand)
File said paystubs (both sets)
Fill out paperwork for headstart
Run paperwork for the state to the office
Gather/adjust *more* paperwork for the state(housing, food, etc)
Clean my bedroom
Go through stuff in my closet and arrange
Laundry (tons to be done and put away, oi!!)

that's a long list. *sigh*
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devil girl

For Jenni

Music is better than any drug.
It can:
amplify love,
comfort sorrow,
fuel a sugar rush,
take you down from a sugar rush,
make you remember,
help you realize your self worth,
give you an outlet for anger,
give you hope,
get you in 'the mood',
keep you awake at 4am when you're driving home,
make you happy in a way that no person or pill ever could.

That seems perfect for you :)