August 28th, 2007

devil girl


Some of the paperwork I need to fill out is done. I'm on the phone right now to figure out where I turn some of it in. *sigh* I have a feeling this is going to take a bit.

I have most of the paperwork for my school loan filled out. I just need references now, which I'll ask about today. I'll give them a call and have them pick it up. It'll be taken off my credit, which will be good.

I still have to fill out the paperwork for daycare and headstart. That means that I have to find time to head over to the former employer and pick up the pay stubs, like I was supposed to do last week. *sigh*

I found out that for the papers I'm working on now, I have to mail them or fax them. I'm going to fax them for time's sake. I don't even know if our fax machine works, but maybe I can sneak it at work or something. ARG. I don't understand why I can't drop them off - so much easier, but no. We can't have that.

Jae's birthday party was on Sunday, and I'll post more about that later. Right now, I must get myself dressed and head into work. I have to remember the earlier I go in, the earlier I can be off in the afternoons even if I don't work a full day :D

So, why is it

when I've asked someone to not call me at work, she calls back again. Then she has the nerve to get uppity with me because I'm miffed. Excuse me, but I told you last time not to call me here - I don't have a phone. I don't even have a phone jack where I'm at. So, back off bitch.

Next time, I'll consult an attorney. *snarl*
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