September 2nd, 2007



I'm at a friend's house, and the kids and I are the only ones up. There's another kid here, but he seems to be sleeping still. Of course, were we home I'd have a much easier time entertaining the kids. As there are people in the living room sleeping currently, I have to keep them contained in the bedroom. Fortunately, I have movies and tv in here.

Garrett is informing me he wants to go home - probably a big dose of boredom speaking there. I'm hoping everyone's up soon so I can unleash them. Or at least say goodbye when I leave. Of course, I'm sure my friend would like his bed back, since he sacrificed it to me and the kidlets.

Last night there was a group of us that played Pirates - that mini constructable game. Much fun ensued! But, man was it a long game. At 3:30 AM we were still going. I don't know who won as I feel asleep during the last bit of it. I didn't mean to, but his cat scared Jae, so I layed next to her to calm her down. BAM! sleep happened.

I have a Target gift card that I still have to spend, and I think I know what I'm going to spend it on :D There's at least two avid collecters of the game down here, and they enjoy playing. I've been told I can find sets at Target, so maybe if I can get away for a little bit, I'll find myself some sets today :D I love the little ships. I'd love to come and play again, big group or small. It's really more designed for smaller groups, I think. Despite the length between turns, and the debates over who can do what to whom and from how many paces away, I really enjoyed myself. I'd love to do it again.
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