November 19th, 2007

Tiger girl


Yes, I'm here and I'm doing alright. I haven't had much to say, really, we've just been...getting on with things, I guess. The memorial won't be until January, so at least we won't have that to deal with on top of the holidays. We're having Thanksgiving as planned, though it'll be odd.
The kids are doing okay with it - Jae told my aunt that great grandma went to "binkie heaven" and that she left to give her and brother their new play room. My aunt thought it was cute...and as long as it gives her some understanding, I won't complain.
We are in the process of converting the room to a play room for the kids, I think grandma would have liked that. Not to mention that I can have a toy-free (well, mostly) living room, bonus for me. I'll talk more about the night of her death later...right now, I'm at work and don't really have the time or thought process to do it. The house is a mess - everything went to pot for a little bit after grandma's death and now we're trying to play catch up. I'm exhausted by the time the kids are in bed, so whatever I thought about before never quite makes it to here.

So, I am alive and I'm doing alright :)
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