January 2nd, 2008

devil girl

Ringing in the new year

I know, I'm WAY overdue for a posting. The holidays, in general, went very well. I'll have to do a post later on the specifics that I can remember, as I'm at work and need to get cracking on thigs. I gave up resolutions previously because I was setting myself up for failure....and I'm leary about doing it this year for that same reason. But, I have made a few this year and I hope that I can begin to achieve them in baby steps. Maybe publicly keeping track of progress on these things will help me achieve them or begin to work on them. I'll list these in no particular order of importance, just as they come to my mind.


Work harder and smarter
Find a new job with better pay and benefits
Take care of paperwork I need to file with the state
Get myself organized - house and paperwork
Spend more time with the kids
Take some more time for me
Give mom some more alone time
Get myself more social - with and without the kids
Eat healthier and excerise - even if it's just making myself go for a walk or something small
Use the myfitnesspal site to track my progress for eating better
Loose some weight
Work on being happier with myself - appearance and attitude
Drink more water
Keep the house cleaner
Complete the 'rennovation' of my bedroom to make it mine
Take better care of myself and the kids
Use LJ more often - I mean, I bought a lifetime membership, didn't I? I may as well use it
Go back to school
Handle finances better

I realize that osme of these may run parallel each other, but there it is. My list of things to achieve this year - or at the very least get a start on.

Happy New Year.
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