August 10th, 2009


Why are things so difficult?

So, I'm supposed to begin working from home tomorrow - something I've been waiting for. It's only taken us 3 weeks to get "trained" and to be able to bring our equipment home to set up. It's been here since Wednesday, it's been set up...and no dial tone. I didn't want to deal with it on my days off (Thurs and Fri) and IT isn't there over the weekend. I did my time at the office, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, hoping I can get the issue fixed.

HA! D's (the new D in my life, not the ex) looking over the install instructions, checking things and sees a note "no power cord" that was on my modem - which I had to bring in last week for IT to configure. And guess what? It's not configured. Yeah. I know, my fault for forgetting the power cord - but not once did they alert ANYONE, including the trainer that it wasn't configured. She even called regarding that little "missing power cord" note. And IT knew we were taking the equipment home on Wednesday. I mean, they had to validate parking and sign for us to take the equipment out of the building with the security guards downstairs - so they HAD to know. I'm frustrated because someone could have said "Yeah, we couldn't configure it - she'll have to bring in her cord" or something Wednesday, before I took stuff home and got all excited and geared up.

I just hope it's something easy to fix and I don't have to catch a bus into the office tomorrow. *grumble*
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I am working from home!

I called my supervisor this morning to do some additional troubleshooting and he put me through to IT. Apparently one of the others in my "class" had the same issue - and it was on Comcast's side. Yippee!! It took about 10 minutes or so to get it corrected and get me up and running. It had something to do with the IP address being incorrect or having to be reloaded or something. Makes no matter to me, really. I thought it would take longer or that I would have to go into the office.

My first call from home was kind of strange - just because I'm not used to the quiet or the environment yet. As the day has progressed, I've gotten more used to it, but it's still very different. I didn't miss the commute this morning at all. I got up later than usual and still had time to take a shower, have breakfast and fix my coffee. I didn't get dressed right away this morning, because I didn't have to. I stayed in jammies simply because I could! On my first break, I tossed on jeans and a t-shirt. At the office, it's business casual, so I can't do that normally. At lunch, I fixed myself some bacon and eggs - another thing I can't do at the office! I have the TV on, but it isn't very loud and I haven't been paying much attention to it. I've been tooling around online. I think I'm really going to like working from home.
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