September 6th, 2009

devil girl

Online addictions

Besides the various text based roleplays I engage in, I am now finding myself addicted to Facebook. It helps that I'm home all day and am able to mess with all the applications - of which there are a great many. Yeah, I play the games, most of them I think. I don't do much else with facebook right now - chat with a couple people maybe.

The other online addiction that I see - not for myself, but for others - is Twitter. I had an account about 3 years ago and never did much with it. It didn't really peak my interest - a bunch of one line entries about what you were doing that moment. For the most part, I felt I could read journals or talk to people and get more information. Mom joined a couple months ago and actually found me (gasp!!). I may check it out again. From what I see, it seems like it may have a bit more to it than when I first looked at it.