October 8th, 2009

devil girl

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I think I found the song that fits my life at the moment. That one song that you really identify with more so than others.

One Republic - Stop and Stare.

It seems I'm at a crossroad - and like usual, I'm playing the 'what if' game, which more often than not leaves me rooted exactly where I am. I have to get over being afraid to live my life - before long, I won't have much of it left to live.
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devil girl

League night

Last week, D and I joined a Hordes league on Wednesday nights. I'm new to the game, but so far I'm enjoying it. I have a Skorne army. It's war beast heavy right now, but I like that.
Last night was our second league night. I'm the only girl there, but fortunately I'm not the only beginner. The guys are great - all, so far, have been willing to help and give advice on playing. Each game, I've learned a little something about strategy or game mechanics.
The first league night, I got my ass handed to me. The first game was brutal! I went up against someone who plays Warmachine, which is a compatible game to Hordes. It was my first game against anyone but D. Unfortunately, my warlock (The little guy in the warpack picture with the claws - cause at the time, all I had was the battle pack) is not set up for warmachines. Most of my effects are for warbeasts.
The second game of the night, I played against someone else with a Skorne army. He gave me a lot of advice on how to effectively play them with the battle box and some ideas on the next models to buy. I lost that game too - but at least I lasted longer and it was down to the wire. When all was said and done, he had like 9 hit points left.
Last night, I only played one game during league. The other player was a lot more experienced that I am. He also had a warmachine army. My new models hadn't come in yet - so I proxied my paingivers to help with my warbeasts. It wasn't as effective as I was hoping. Especially since I didn't have my new warlock to help out. I can say though - my point of pride - his whole army had to come into the forest to get me. He had to work for his win! Laughs
I'm excited about getting my new models in today. Hopefully soon I'll be painting my models as well. I like this game. And I like the guys at the shop we play at. I hope to get better at my game and give them a run for their money more often than not!!
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devil girl

One of those 'only my son' moments...

The other day, the teacher kept Garrett in from recess because he wasn't completing a task he needed to do. She called me that afternoon to tell me that he stood up in front of the class to say:

"I'm sorry, Mrs. X. You have to be executed."

In all her years of teaching, she's never heard that from a student. She said he was so calm and matter of fact about it.

Yeah, it had to be my son. Only my son.

We know where he got it. The irony of it - he got it from a Disney movie. Yeah. Disney.
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