August 15th, 2010

devil girl

Sunday weigh-in

I have chosen Sundays to be my day to weigh in. Weight Watchers is holding me accountable - and for once, I actually look forward to doing so. I usually weigh in at about 9 am, without clothes - easier that way, for me, since the scale is in my bedroom. Today, I didn't weigh in until a few minutes ago - but that's alright. I've already had some coffee - I try to weigh in before I have anything.

Today, I weighed in at 223 lbs. I've lost a total of 8.8 lbs, 2.4 lbs of which was this week's loss! I'm proud of myself. I didn't think I'd loose any weight this week, as my eating habits haven't been all that great and I haven't hit the work outs that much. I used all my weekly points, but still had plenty of activity points available. Weight Watchers is now telling me that I'm loosing weight too fast! LOL. I think I'll let my doctor decide that, though.

In the past, I've been afraid to make the change to loose weight. I think I was afraid to get my hopes up and then fail. I didn't want to make the commitment to loose the weight - always "too much". Too much effort to change the way I eat, too much that I don't eat or would want to eat but couldn't on a diet, too much time to try to find to become active, too many things to do, etc. I look back now and I wonder why I was afraid - because that's exactly what it was. I didn't see it then, but I do now. I can't let fear hold me back. I'm still working on it, but...I'm taking my first steps with something as little as loosing weight. Which, isn't really little at all...