February 22nd, 2011

devil girl

Financial aid.

I emailed the contact on Friday morning and she said I'd know the status of my financial aid "shortly". I didn't email yesterday, figuring to give a bit of leeway and extra time. I have no idea how long it takes once someone starts working on a file. She stated in Friday's email that she was working on mine at that time. I email her today - and get an automated response that she's out of the office until the 25th. Registration begins on the 28th. Really?? Do you *really* think that NOW is a good time to take a few days????
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devil girl

Gah...just gah.

So, I'm having a quiet cup of coffee. Well, semi-quiet anyway - given that the kids are home. The oil truck is in the drive way, filling our oil tank. Kids are eating lunch. I get a call on my mobile - from recycling, about a freezer pick up. What? Uhm, no....do you have the right number? Yes, he does. Right address even and my grandfather's name. Everything checks out - except that I'm not aware of *any* freezer pick up scheduled. Call mom - sure enough, she's scheduled one. She thought it was later in the week. So, now, I have to scramble to get my laundry out of the way of the workshop door, so they can come in through that way. Oh, let's not forget that the top of the freezer has a decade worth of stuff on it. Fortunately, it wasn't much. Ooohhh...yeah. Open door - smells *bad*. I mean, bad. And there's stuff *in* the freezer. Mush. All of it. Icky, moldy, disgusting mush. Guess who got to do that clean out? Yeah, yours truly. I want a shower, but I can't turn on the heat yet. I have to wait for an hour to turn on my furnace again. I wasn't paying close attention to the time - the receipt says 1:45 - which, I know it's not that yet, but that's what I'm going by. My socks are wet and dirty - drippings from that icky mush and from going outside in hastily tied rain boots and short pants while I went out to drag the trash bin back to the back door in the basement so I don't have to track that crap through the house. The truck guy was nice enough to drag that trash bin onto the porch once I had it back to the front of the house. I'm cold, I'm cranky - and to top it all off, my coffee is luke warm and I have to restart the show I'd been watching. Grrrrr.

Oh yes, and my future? Cleaning that space the freezer was in. Cobwebs, dirt and that icky liquid stuff that I have to mop....from a concrete floor. All before I can even think about separating my laundry again, cause it was always up against that freezer. Yeah. Lovely. Fucking lovely.
devil girl

Just a reminder to myself

Things done today:

Picked up living room
Put couch back together
Folded blankets and put them up
Partially emptied dishwasher

Things left to do:

Finish emptying dishwasher - today
Put away pots and pans - today
Wash last night's dinner pans - today
Sweep kitchen floor
Put new vacuum together
Finish cleaning music room - today (not much left, mostly "touch up" stuff and vacuuming)
Clean basement where freezer was
Laundry (folding too)
Clean dining room
Call or email on financial aid (I have a contact for the days that my person is gone)
Call on the Keurig coffee maker
Fill dishwasher - today