February 23rd, 2011

devil girl

Things done...

Finish emptying dishwasher - today - done
Put away pots and pans - today - done
Wash last night's dinner pans - today - not done, will do in morning
Sweep kitchen floor
Put new vacuum together - done
Finish cleaning music room - today (not much left, mostly "touch up" stuff and vacuuming)- done
Clean basement where freezer was
Laundry (folding too)
Clean dining room
Call or email on financial aid (I have a contact for the days that my person is gone)
Call on the Keurig coffee maker
Fill dishwasher - today - done

Oh...and I glued the legs back onto the chair. We'll see if it holds.

Plans for tomorrow:

Call Keurig
Call/email financial aid alt contact
Finish kitchen
Fold clothes in dining room
Clean dining room
Bring bins up to porch/yard

General to do list:

Clean basement - including bleaching the floor
Clean bedroom
Finish laundry
Clean upstairs hallway
Get kids to clean their room
Bake cookies

Lots of things to do. Hopefully some of these tasks won't take as long as I think they will. It feels really good to have a clean living room - and it's stayed clean for a couple days now. That's improvement. The kitchen, too, has managed to stay clean for a few days. I'm getting anxious about the financial aid and hopefully I can reach someone tomorrow. I'd love to be able to register on the 28th to be sure I get into the classes. Ugh.