February 24th, 2011

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One Word/Phrase Tarot Card Meanings

I actually got this from a tarot instructional site and thought I'd see if it helped me. I've had them written in my journal for awhile, but I'm going to post them here too.

Major Arcana

Fool - New beginnings
Magician - Manipulation
High Priest - Wisdom, Teaching
Empress - Vitality
Emperor - Virility
Herophant - Tradition
Lovers - Coming together
Chariot - Conquest
Strength - Control
Hermit - Secrets revealed
Wheel - Transformation
Justice - Balance
Hanged Man - Crossroads
Death - Transition and rebirth
Temperance - Purification
Devil - Temptation
Tower - Sudden change
Star - Hope
Moon - Concealment, Caution
Sun - Revelation
Judgment - Favorable ruling
World - Completion

Minor Arcana

Wands - Action

King - Impatience
Queen - Authority over others
Knight - Action without thought
Knave (Page) - Ambitions
Ace - Motivation and determination
Two - Resolution and boldness
Three - Good prospects
Four - Celebration of success, Harmony
Five - Struggle for dominance
Six - Rewards of labor
Seven - Confrontation
Eight - Swift Action
Nine - Resolve
Ten - Burden and oppression

Cups - Emotion

King - Appreciation
Queen - Emotional distance
Knight - Subtle and crafty
Knave (Page) - Reliable companion
Ace - Renewal, Revitalization
Two - Harmony and union
Three - Celebration, Rejoicing
Four - Restlessness, Loss of interest
Five - Hope dashed
Six - Renewed hope
Seven - Wishful thinking
Eight - Temporary success
Nine - Satisfaction
Ten - Achievement realized

Sowrds - Though

King - Force of will
Queen - Decisive action
Knight - Planning
Knave (Page) - Remorseless in pursuit of purpose
Ace - Intellectual clarity
Two - Truce
Three - Disruption
Four - Rest after struggle
Five - Defeat, failure
Six - Resolution
Seven - Unstable effort
Eight - Unforeseen set back
Nine - Hardship
Ten - Ruin and mental collapse

Disks - Material/money

King - Practical and reliable
Queen - Intuitive
Knight - Conservative
Knave (Page) - Frugal
Ace - Productive labor
Two - Change
Three - Skilled labor
Four - Earthly power
Five - Material troubles
Six - Prosperity
Seven - Unprofitable labor
Eight - Craftsmanship; care over details
Nine - Wise management; material gain
Ten - Wealth, Prudent investment
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Daily Draw

I need to start working with my cards more. In an effort to weave the cards together and get to know them better, I'm doing a "daily draw" - though I don't know how daily it will be. I'm just going to ask the cards what I need to consider and draw three of them.

Today, I just cut the deck three times and flipped each part over. I'm using my Lovecraft deck.

Three of Swords - Disruption
Eight of Wands - Swift action
Ten of Cups - Achievement realized

those are my three cards to consider throughout the day and how they relate to each other.