onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

More on the duct tape universe...

See...told you there'd be more....

marblecatz: this 17 yr old, has a business with making things out of duct tape, barbie cloths, post cards, pic frames, besides cloths
onyxanglfyre: Well, if it sells...
marblecatz: sandels lol
onyxanglfyre: Ouch
onyxanglfyre: That would hurt...ripping off all those little hairs when you take off your shoes
onyxanglfyre: "Not sold to hairy people"
marblecatz: lol
marblecatz: They are now making a wallet
onyxanglfyre: Hmn...new trick to stopping impulse buying?
onyxanglfyre: Picture: Man at the store, struggling to keep his money from sticking to the wallet...
marblecatz: lol
onyxanglfyre: And if it gets hot....oh boy..can't even get it out of your pants!

Apparently, according to mom, said kid has a book: "Got Tape?"

Time to go home now....
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