onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Deal with myself

I'm making a deal with myself to drink more water. Its better for me, and will help me cut down on my caffiene, which would be good for focus. So, I've made a deal with myself..nothing terribly granduer, mind you. Just one 8 oz container a day, to start with. Then, up to 2, then 3, etc etc.
I'm going to try to eat healthier too, seriously considering that weight watchers system again. If I can just discipline myself to do a menu for each week, I should be fine. I know that I've said all this before, and I may say it again before I actually *do* it, but I'm hoping that this time I can stick to my guns about it. And excersize more. I don't mean going to the gym and hitting the weights...but, maybe getting a walkman or something and going for a walk. Cept, I'm not entirely sure I want to walk along Hwy 99 at night when I get home. Must think on this....
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