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I can't resist

Website discussed

Here's a clip:

1) The pumpkin God, Samhain ( pronounced Sam’hane) DOES NOT exist.

2) Pagans DO NOT sacrifice babies or animals on Halloween. The Wiccan Rede states "Do what thou wilst, but harm none."

3) Pagans DO NOT worship the Devil or Satan on Halloween.


These myths have been perpetuated by people who have seen too many horror movies and the Christian idea of horrific and mythical forms of Satanism

Okay, can I tear this apart? Please? Oh, yeah, its *my* journal! *grin*
Bone of contention:
1. This God doesn't exsist to whom? If I want to believe in the Great Pumpkin as Charlie Brown did, then does that not mean said God exsists? At least to me. There may be no evidence of such an existance, but then, there's no concrete evidence of anything devine.

point #2 - While it can be safely said that *most* Pagans do not do sacrifices, its not safe to say that none do. There are religions that do believe in sacrifice, and those *are* Pagan religions. Second, if one looks at history, there have times in the past been sacrifices done by most religions. Third, that's the Wiccan rede, not all Pagans follow that rede.

#3. Uhm, the very definition of Pagan is someone who is not Christian. Last I checked Satanists were not considered Christian (though Satan is a Christian "by product" as it were), so, by the very definition they are, in fact, Pagan. However, that does not mean every Pagan worships Satan.

As for point #4, see above, they sort of link together.

Now that last little thing...well, not all of these things are strictly myth. However, I can agree that horror movies and such have fed into the 'hype' that paganism is not a good thing. Second, if you're Christian, then Satan most likely is NOT a myth to you. Last I checked, the bible did make him out to be a horrible creature, indeed.

Later in the site, he states something like "Click here to have more myths dispelled". I'm wondering...how did he dispell those myths? Just by saying they're false? I see no back up documentation of *why* they're incorrect myths.

See, I'm all for whatever you believe is cool, as long is it doesn't harm me or mine. I mean, I have nothing against the fluffy bunny fuzzy wuzzy warm light stuff, but c'mon. Get your facts straight. Understand that not all of Paganism is as happy warm fluffy light as you prefer. And if you're going to tell me something is a myth or a lie, tell me why or how this conclusion was reached. If you're telling me that a pumpkin was not carved to be put on the porch for kids to smash, then tell me what the tradition really was. If you're giving me opinion, then you don't have to bother to back it up - but if you're telling it to me like its a fact, give me proof, damnit. Irritating fluff bunny.


Oct. 15th, 2002 09:54 pm (UTC)
Actually its pronounced Sow-en, not sam-hane. :)

The term pagan was first dubbed as an acronym that basically classified anyone who was polytheistic, hence the "P" in pagan, but the rest of the acronym escapes me now. it was alter adopted as a blanket term for any religion that did not conform to or have its roots in the judeo-christian sects.

Technically, pagans are not satanists since only those who believe in Satan are those of a judeo-christian background. Given that the original meaning of the term pagan dealt with those who followed polytheistic religions (and more specifically religions that also promoted goddess worship) since the two seemed to go hand in hand, it would further prove that pagans canot be satanists since thier chosen diety is a) still singular, and b) still patriarchal in nature. A Satanist is simply put, someone who rejects the teachings of the judeo-christian faith and follows a path of teachings that are essentially the flip side of that religious coin.

Oct. 16th, 2002 12:31 am (UTC)
Origin of Pagan
No, Pagan has nothing to do with acronyms unless you're watching the Dragnet movie.

Pagan comes from paganus, a villager or countrymen. The Romans had their City religions and looked down on the simple country religions that focuses on the harvest season. They were the pagani, the villagers.
Oct. 16th, 2002 05:51 am (UTC)
Re: Origin of Pagan
Pagani, thats what I have always heard was the meaning of pagan. people of the village, the old countryfolk who practiced herbology, asked the animals and seasons and elements for assistance in their lives, celebrated the turnings of the moons not as a god or goddess, but as a turning of the season..."Time of the harvest", "time of the feasting", "time of the sun's death". RAn their lives according to the crops, as it was the core of their existance...

Satanists, also, have a flip side to the stereo-typical meaning. While we do have those who would rather "hate the christian god" and "worship the horned beast", there is a sect of folks that have NOTHING to do with any of that, and who do not belive in an absolute evil, or satan himself. They are more humanists, believe in the power of the human and "I" rather than ANY entity of good or evil. I have always wondered where the "Satan" part steps in, in this sect, but, whatever...have met many that follow this path, and they are more akin to the atheists than any christian or anti-christian branch.

CAtholics, are in fact Christian :) I was raised Catholic, in a Catholic school, went thru the whole shebang of Baptism, conformation, communion. Belief of the "One True God"=(Christian God)= Christian...now, those quotes ARE quoted as teachings I have had, not in any sort of belief or claim of myself, but just a quote a to let y'all know WHAT god...as oppossed to Pan, Set or ODin :)

And yup, Witch can mean anything, really. Wiccans are wiccans, some are witches, some are not. Witches dont necessarily have to be wiccans...they can be hedge, kitchen, even Native American influenced...I am also a WItch, not Wiccan, tho I started off there 14 yrs ago. I am more of the every day kitchen/hedge variety, simply living life everyday with respect to nature and the elements, with very few rituals to honor the passings of the days, as I no longer really recognize the holidays as set by the "witche's" calander (samhain, Yule, etc).

Oct. 16th, 2002 06:11 am (UTC)
Re: Origin of Pagan
heh...my bad.
Oct. 16th, 2002 01:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Origin of Pagan
well, there are actually a ZILLION different connotations of where the words that label pagans, heathens, wiccans, etc came from. Ask some people what Wicca means, they will say its an old, old, ancient word (wicce)meaning Wise. Then you have some that say even the word wicca was created in the 50's by gerald gardner, the guy they attribute to being the "first" to practice wicca in a public form.

I dunno. Lots and lots of different opinions and such go around, and become so vague through the years.
I figure, the heck with it. I practice what I practice, which is a form of my own views, and basing that on my own views, i feel it is important for others to hang onto their own views also.

Eat, drink, be kind and be merry! Thats my rede :)

Oct. 16th, 2002 01:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Origin of Pagan
and have lots and lots of orgy type sex under the moon!!!

*looks around*

ok, maybe thats just me. ;) ROFL
Oct. 16th, 2002 01:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Origin of Pagan
well, most of us, after all, ARE nature children, Right?

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