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Here's a clip:

1) The pumpkin God, Samhain ( pronounced Sam’hane) DOES NOT exist.

2) Pagans DO NOT sacrifice babies or animals on Halloween. The Wiccan Rede states "Do what thou wilst, but harm none."

3) Pagans DO NOT worship the Devil or Satan on Halloween.


These myths have been perpetuated by people who have seen too many horror movies and the Christian idea of horrific and mythical forms of Satanism

Okay, can I tear this apart? Please? Oh, yeah, its *my* journal! *grin*
Bone of contention:
1. This God doesn't exsist to whom? If I want to believe in the Great Pumpkin as Charlie Brown did, then does that not mean said God exsists? At least to me. There may be no evidence of such an existance, but then, there's no concrete evidence of anything devine.

point #2 - While it can be safely said that *most* Pagans do not do sacrifices, its not safe to say that none do. There are religions that do believe in sacrifice, and those *are* Pagan religions. Second, if one looks at history, there have times in the past been sacrifices done by most religions. Third, that's the Wiccan rede, not all Pagans follow that rede.

#3. Uhm, the very definition of Pagan is someone who is not Christian. Last I checked Satanists were not considered Christian (though Satan is a Christian "by product" as it were), so, by the very definition they are, in fact, Pagan. However, that does not mean every Pagan worships Satan.

As for point #4, see above, they sort of link together.

Now that last little thing...well, not all of these things are strictly myth. However, I can agree that horror movies and such have fed into the 'hype' that paganism is not a good thing. Second, if you're Christian, then Satan most likely is NOT a myth to you. Last I checked, the bible did make him out to be a horrible creature, indeed.

Later in the site, he states something like "Click here to have more myths dispelled". I'm wondering...how did he dispell those myths? Just by saying they're false? I see no back up documentation of *why* they're incorrect myths.

See, I'm all for whatever you believe is cool, as long is it doesn't harm me or mine. I mean, I have nothing against the fluffy bunny fuzzy wuzzy warm light stuff, but c'mon. Get your facts straight. Understand that not all of Paganism is as happy warm fluffy light as you prefer. And if you're going to tell me something is a myth or a lie, tell me why or how this conclusion was reached. If you're telling me that a pumpkin was not carved to be put on the porch for kids to smash, then tell me what the tradition really was. If you're giving me opinion, then you don't have to bother to back it up - but if you're telling it to me like its a fact, give me proof, damnit. Irritating fluff bunny.
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