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Okay, so I'm checking out meetup.com. There's all kinds of things, including one for LJers in the Seattle area. Surprisingly,looking down the list, I've seen a couple people who's journals I read. So, what the hell? Maybe I can even convince fenris10, or bearwitched to go one time :)


Oct. 17th, 2002 05:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Heya!
A broader definition will sometimes include other odd creatures that simply have some sort of animal features in their makeup. Such would include mythical creatures such as centaurs, manticores, satyrs or harpies, all of which have human faces though more-or-less animal-like bodies. This broader definition might also include the human-like characters that appear in some Japanese animation that have an animal tail and ears, but otherwise look about as human as any other anime character.
One of the narrower definitions held by some is that in order for a character to be truly considered "furry", the character must exhibit
animal-like characteristics in behavior. Optionally, the fact that the character is an "animal" must be a major ingredient to the story. This is exhibited in a frequent criticism of "furry" stories by those who hold this view: Many stories, while featuring characters fitting the core definition of "furry" given earlier are criticized as being "humans in animal suits" if their behavior isn't distinctly animal-like in some way. Likewise, due to the fact that some adults choose to engage in drawing adult artwork or practice sex with concenting partners, the fans are seen as sexaholics. Also, since the fans tend to be open to any and all sexualities, the media will also try to portray that the fans are either perverts, sexual diviants, gay, or a combination of all three.
If you'd like a look at some of the artwork and the like, there is a free art exibit starting tomorrow basically exploiting 'the freakishness of furry fans'. If anything else, I reccomend checking out the exhibit so as to gain yor own opinion. Anyhow, I hopoe that answered your question, and I look forward to seeing you at the meetup!

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