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So, I've decided to start journalling my dreams...or, at least, those I can remember. I even have a little journal for this..unfortunately, the pages are black and the gel pen doesn't work. Wouldn't you know that I have no idea where I have my other 50?

The dream

Last night, I went to sleep with a meditation tape. Its one of those ones for people just starting to meditate. The journey was "Meeting your higher self". Let it be said, that I had a difficult time doing this, thanks to two resident furballs. But, at some point, they quieted down enough for me to hear the words and music. The dream (which wasn't really, since I wasn't really asleep) was a ferret. It was weaving between 2 sets of hands, almost in a figure 8 pattern. One set was mine, but I'm not sure who the other set belonged to....but, definately female. There was a feeling of content, and I'm sure that I even smiled. Then the cats started howling again *sigh*

Naturally, I did a bit of research on Ferret - the shaman website sums it up well, but I used Ted Andrew's Animal Speak for detail that the site doesn't give. Here's the key points:

Weasel's Wisdom Includes:

Keen observation
Ability to see hidden reasons behind things
Power of observation

I'm thinking that I may need to be more observant somewhere. The trick is to find where. I'm working on this....and I think I've made a bit of progress, at least in a general direction. I discovered some shadow work I may have to do, though I'm not entirely sure I want to, but that's another entry. I think, maybe this pertains to that...or maybe its just in general.
Today, we are going to a medicine wheel....so, I'll try to be observant to what happens, and how I feel. And, try to speak out less, maybe. I'll have to ponder this one a bit.

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