onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I think Jenni had the right idea. Post here (here=notepad), then paste it into a journal..though, usually I'm at my computer on break ;) Its still hard to update w/ everything though..not enough time or energy, etc.

Okay, so customer calls in, is shocked that his balance is so high. No payment in 3 months...and he says "And you guys didn't send notice..." Dude, we just corrected your address. You never noticed it before? We only email invoices to you monthly

We did some grocery shoppping last night. Its nice to see some food in the house, and I find that now I'm not quite so worried about things. Money is tight right now, but at the very least, we'll be able to feed ourselves, and that's a great feeling. Lunches will help too.

I hate it when a customer yells in your ear - I mean like, yelling at kids or something.

Jabber..the chat system that goes down more than a $2 whore. And, what do ya know, the whore went down again today.

45 minutes until my first break...I want a donut dammit. *belly rumble*

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