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Perfect moments

I love this season. The Holiday season, beginning with Samhain. Its rich with 'perfect moments'. More so than any other time of year, or maybe its just that I notice them more. I can remember one such moment with Bryan (not to say that there's just one...just one that I keep thinking about)
It was fall, a cool day, crisp and wet though it wasn't raining at just that moment. We were wandering around in downtown Ballard (which, for those who don't know, is like a 4 block radius), looking in windows and chatting as we were waiting for a movie to start or something. We stopped into Seattle's Best, and he got a hot apple cider while I got an egg-nog latte (side note: I LOVE these things..as in, I wait all year for them, literally). Maybe it was after the movie, I dunno. In any case, I remember walking across to Great Harvest Bread Co, joking idly about how much we appeared to be a 'domestic' couple, married at that. Talking about future plans of being married if we didn't find anyone else...because, who better to married to than your best friend? Of course, we stopped into Great Harvest and got a steaming warm piece of bread, all slathered in yummy melted butter.

*wistful sigh* Now, that is a perfect moment.

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