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Perfect morning..

This morning was a perfect morning. The crisp chill of winter is in the air, the sun is out and the skies are clear. Normally, I'm not fond of cold winter mornings. It was so nice, I didn't even mind scraping the ice off my windows. The first morning frost-over. I'll admit to being a little concerned when I discovered my doors looked like they might be frozen and difficult to open, but they weren't. It was so cold, I could see my breath. All of this made me smile. It was invigorating, and I've been in such an elated mood all morning. Of course, it helps that I have the next 2 days off from work ;)
On the way to the doctor's this morning (usual back quack appointment), I stopped at my usual espresso stand (thankfully, money was delivered last night), and got my first egg-nog latte of the season. *Inhales deeply, reverently* My car smelled SOOOOO good, and I felt all warm and fuzzy on the way to the doctor. Its a heady feeling to finally get that first one of the season, my most favorite drink in the world. I even smiled through traffic on the way to work after the doctor...because, it was all alright, I had my latte after all.
Yes, this is a perfect morning.
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