onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

So, I wasn't hungry this morning...but, then someone went and fixed something yummy smelling in the break room. Now my stomach is growling. *mrph*
I meant to add a lot to my journal last night, but never got to it. Well, that's not entirely true. I had it noted in a notepad..and they messed with my computer. I get to beta test a 'new image' and give them feedback on how I like things. So far, its not bad, but I was a bit pissy that I had to go through and reset everything how I liked it. This means, of course, that all my programs were closed out and I lost what I was writing. *sigh* I'm just grateful I wasn't working on my novel.
Speaking of novel writing - its been slow. Yep, I've slacked, big time. I did a bit the day before yesterday, but I'm not sure how many words I'm at. My plan is to sit down over the weekend and belt out some more. Get past the 'stuck' thing. I think I like that Tarot idea that I've read a few people doing. Perhaps I'll pick that up in a bit.
There's been a bit going on in life right now. There is, of course, the car and all the stress that surrounds that. I screwed up big time, and now I've half convinced myself that dad hates me. I know this isn't true, its just that he's angry and disappointed, but still. My mom said that she was willing to try and help me, so hopefully we can get it refinanced.
Speaking of mom, yesterday was her birthday. I called and talked to her for a bit, she seems happy. This is good...that's hard to convey across AIM :) She said that she called that medical billing place that we found in the Little Nickel. They want $450 for software and doctor's contacts. Dad did this for awhile, and I don't think he got anywhere with it, but I'm not sure how much he applied himself to it either. Anyone know anything about medical billing? Is it worth it to try? Is that price too high?
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