onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

House sitting

So, in an odd twist of fate...here I am on a Saturday night, house sitting for bearwitched. We will be here all week, taking care of the dogs. I'm not sure the tenants like that..but as long as they don't cause issues, we're fine. I don't think they will though.
I will admit, I'm a bit nervous about the whole bathroom/kitchen sharing thing. I mean, these people are virtual strangers to me, and vice versa. I've never lived in a situation where I have to share with anyone but family and a room mate...but, its an apartment, and a little bit different. To my mind at least.
I'm amazed at the gadgets in this place...even the lights have remotes! haha. I think I'll feel better sleeping in the bedroom with the dogs here. And there's a tv in there. I know, almost 30 and I still fall asleep to the tv in the bedroom. Still, its comforting.
I'm a bit concerned about learning this area. I know its Everett, but I never knew Everett well to begin with, and now this is further north than the area I've gotten to know being with Fenris. I think I'll be okay though.
This is the house we're moving into in Feb, so I should get used to it anyway ;) I don't think the sharing aspect of it will be so odd for me then, because we know pheonyx and bambam. The only thing I'd worry about is morning showers }:) Its a few months away, but I'm kind of excited about the move. I don't know...it just feels more secure than the mobile, I think. I'm alright there by myself, but I never really *liked* being there on my own. Well, okay...that's not true. I like it fine until bedtime...then it sorta bothers me. I don't know why exactly.
Bear is going to be soooooo mad at me. Heh. I'll come home...smelling like dogs, after being gone (for the most part) for a week. I still intend on going by and giving them attention this week...make sure the furniture is still standing. Heh.
Anyway...I'm rambling now. I had a point when I started this, but seemed to have lost track of it somewhere. Hmn. Bedtime.

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