onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Phone trees...

Okay, so I call webhosting directly, because, surprisingly (feel the sarcasm) the extension I have doesn't work. I follow the little phone tree prompts...that specifically say "talk to a webhosting cust serv rep"....(I'm thinking, yay! Bingo!)....and get a dial up rep? Uhm. Hello? He gives me an extension, different than the one I have..which, doesn't work. Natch.
Now, I know that phone trees are intentionally confusing, no matter which company you call, but give me a break. This is bordering insanely ridiculus. No wonder I'm getting yelled at for this more often.
Oh..here's another thing. Why do customers always have to argue usage with me? I tell them, we don't charge for usage (being as most accounts are unlimited), we charge for the availability. Invariably, I get .. "Yes, I understand...but, I didn't use the account...." *blinkblink* You sure you understand? Do you have any idea how idiotic you sound with that statement?

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