onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I want to scream

So, there's one resource agent...who just makes me want to scream bloody fucking murder.

Today it was billing. A customer needed invoices of the last 6 months - I only have 4 that I can see in the database I work with. Well, knowing that we've just merged 2 databases, I figured the invoices may be in the other database that I no longer have access to. I asked if we were able to get those invoices or not. He plays 20 questions with me, like why the customer wants these invoices (mind you, I didn't ask the customer, I didn't feel it was my business, really), how much they were for, etc. Then tells me I need to check with the customer or our billing service (which keeps a record of all transactions to a credit card or bank account in the last 6 months) - so I do this, and give him all the info I have. Only then does he tell me that we don't have access to those invoices. *grinds her teeth and refrains from screaming* Now...a project that could have taken me 2 minutes has turned into 10 minutes....I'm off work, but still on the clock because this guy had to be a fucking dickweed about it and play games first. Why the fuck couldn't he have just said, from the very start, that we didn't have access??????
It would have saved me some time and trouble. But, what the fuck ever. Stupid shithead. *snarl*

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