onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Wait...I like mornings...??

Yep. Believe it. I'm beginning to *enjoy* my mornings. (gasp!). Okay, so its only been two days...but, what wonderful mornings. I get to get up, take a shower, walk around nekkid if I wanna. Just the kitten and I, and I don't think she minds nekkidness. This morning I got to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book. It was soooo nice just sitting there, relaxing. It makes the morning at work go that much smoother.
This morning I did something so totally blonde and airheaded. I took the wrong freeway. I got on 405 south rather than north and was on I-5 before I realized it. Good thing I hadn't gotten far. ~grumble~ I feel like such a yutz. I mean, its not even that hard to get onto the freeway or anything - that's just the way I'm used to going to get onto I-5. Fortunately, I made it to work on time. With time to spare even, got myself a cup of java. Ahhhh. Yum. I'm hoping my little stint this morning is not indicitive of the day. The light is red, but the customers so far have been alright. No yellers yet. Although, I did have one guy ask me what I meant by 'immediate'. Seriously, he did.
Me: All cancellations are immediate, and there is no prorate or refund...
Cust: What do you mean by immediate?

Hmmmm...such a firm grasp of the english language I see. I would have been sarcastic, but I think it would have been missed. Mmm...good news for me today. I'm back at my own desk! Yippie! I like having everything the way I want it, my background, my complete pal and aim list, all my work related (and of course, non work related) websites....ahhhh..hear the sigh of relief.
Mmm...oh, another piece of good news. Yesterday, Tyr told me...he may be home on the 19th! ~does happy, joyful dance~ I can't wait! I miss him so much :)

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