onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Thanksgiving went well. I exposed poor Fenris to the rest of the family. And he had to go and tell them that he built computers *smiles and shakes her head* My aunt likes him because he got her online. hahaha.
The upstairs tenants at Kyros' have moved out. He'll be happy to know that when he gets home. She was there early this morning to get a good start on cleaning. Its kind of strange seeing it all empty up there. I've made note that I'd like to repaint the bedrooms though - that two tone crap is going to drive me insane. Not to mention the writing on the walls from the kids. Ugh. Anyway, it looks like we may be able to move in earlier than expected :)
As for the dogs, they've behaved for the most part. I have had a few items fall victim to Morrigan's boredom though. My slippers, which thankfully, will survive, as they weren't really damaged..just moved from where I had them, and wet. Icky. There's a wood something that she's torn apart and left all over the floor. She even got into the garbage for the remains I took from her. Not a happy wake up moment. And the latest thing to fall victim to her chewing...my work badge. *grumps* And I just replaced the sucker too.....

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