onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

The keys were returned to Kyros yesterday. Now, the place just needs to be cleaned, and a few touch up things done, and we can move in. I'm excited. I want to move..like now. *grin* Hey, I never said I was patient. Kyros is going to replace the carpet in the living room and master bedroom, and if possible, in one of the other bedrooms. The dining room is going to have linolium added, and the kitchen is going to be redone. This is what I've heard anyway. I'd be happy with carpeting and repainting the rooms. I'm thinking a soft pastel color for whichever room we put Pan in, and like a cream color or some soft neutral color for the other bedroom. The master bedroom seems to be fine, if I remember.
At any rate, it looks like we can move in soon. Yay!
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