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I hate days like this.

Oh, let me tell you...I have a story for this morning. I'm not a happy camper, nope.
It all started out with a blown tire. Yes, it blew on the freeway. On my way to work this morning. Peachy. Last night, construction erected a small median in a place that there's not normally one...and yeah, I bumped it. The car seemed okay, though I didn't stop at the time. As I get onto the freeway, the passenger side of my car "sank" and you could feel the tire. Oh yeah, and seconds later, you could hear the rim on the road. *sigh*
So, fortunately, my cell phone was reactivated yesterday. I called home, can't get through. I try Fenris' cell..and of course, he doesn't hear it. I call my mom, in tears because I'm stuck on the freeway, I'm cold and I'm upset. She comes all the way in from Seattle, and I still can't reach Fenris. Some nice gentlman stopped and fixed the tire for me before mom got there. But, he left...and I can't start my car. Battery died. Completely. Utterly. Dead. Won't even turn over.
Mom finally arrives, and we go home, leaving my car on the freeway *panic*. I wake up poor Fenris, and tell him that my poor little car is stranded on the freeway and though it has a little donut tire now, it won't start. We take mom's car, call AAA to come jump the battery. They can't find her account..they find grandma's but not hers. Swell. So, call grandma, get the okay to use her AAA, and call to have them jump the car again. They can't jump the car on the freeway, so they send out a tow truck...which, we can't use anyway, because its grandma's AAA and mom doesn't have the card. Oh, and grandma wasn't driving. Thankfully, they jumped the car, and just charged us for half the service call fee.
The next couple hours are spent at Les Schwab, replacing the tire *and* the rim. During this time, I get a call from work (mind you, I've called in twice and let them know on the 2nd call that I probably won't be in because of issues with the car), that they're "having problems scheduling" me for an emergency day. Because its a black-out day. *blink* Well, gee, ya know...I'm sooooo sorry for inconveniencing YOU. Nevermind, that *I'M* the one who's been stranded on the freeway for a couple hours. Nevermind that my car wouldn't start after we got the initial issue of the tire fixed. They say I can take the bus home. I live in Everett, work in Factoria...at 6:30 pm, that's...lesse...3 buses. Uhhm. NO. Don't think so, not going to happen.
I'm annoyed because I shouldn't have to worry about this on a day that I've called in and stated that I can't make it in. The manager called after my supe said being out was fine. Something like an hour or more after that point. I'm annoyed because in the almost 2 years (2 years in Jan) that I've been with this company, I've never had an emergency day..and I've never had an attendance issue. But, yet, they're "having trouble scheduling" me. I'm sooooo flippin' sorry that I had a fucking car emergency. Let me give *you* some sympathy.
So, now, I'm at work....taking calls and stressing, because though I had plans to have my car looked at, all I got to do was make sure the tire was on.

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