onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Saturday Fenris and I went to the club. It was a slow night, not many people were sceneing or socializing. I wanted to go, and I was excited about going...even excited about the possibility of play. For the first time, he brought the toys along. We had recently just gotten some bondage tape that he wanted to try, as I seem to have a nasty habit of getting out of most rope bondage.
He had the bondage tape good and secure around my arms, then rope on top of that. We were going to use the A frame that's out in the open, but because I'd been moving around, the tape had tightened and cut off circulation in one of my hands. Upon unwinding the tape, we discovered that it left me with small hives. *sigh* This meant, of course, that we couldn't play until those went down...which only took about an hour or so I think. No more bondage tape for me.
I don't know what happened after that...but, I think I just got zapped. I mean, the energy wasn't real high that night, and I had been kind of tired to begin with, but I was still in a good mood. When he took me back to play, I had been okay with it....thinking that I'd pick up once we started to play, like I sometimes do.
He had me on the square frame, with my arms above my head. The problem with this is, I have nothing to lean on because its an open frame. It didn't take long before my arms started to hurt, and with that pain came the incredible cold. I mean, so cold that I was shaking enough to feel my bones rattle. When my arms starting hurting, he put me over a barrell. This was okay for a bit, but the barrell was too tall, and pressed into my ribs. I was cold and now my ribs were starting to hurt.
I felt guilty because I was trying not to complain, not to ruin his fun. I felt really bad when I did say something, and we packed up. I felt like I had ruined the play mood, and the play in general. I was cold, and bordering on cranky...and in the midst of all this, I wanted to cry because I'd ruined the night.
We did however, manage to 'play'. Still, I can't help but feel a little guilty. I enjoyed myself, until the cold and achyness creeped in. I'm hoping that I didn't spoil his night too much.

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