onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

This morning...

I got to carpool in the morning with thoabath for the first time. Had to take munchkin (his roomie's daughter) to daycare. No big deal..its not that far away, and there's a freeway enterance right there. I think we got underway about 8:30 this morning...because, well, I wasn't ready. I don't do mornings well. Got to the daycare..its for the FAA (?)(I think that's what Sandybear said) ...well, anyway, government. There's a security guard there, which isn't a biggie..kinda nice actually. He got Sandybear's federal id, then asked for my id. Then he made me open the trunk to search. It's not a huge deal to me..but, I can only hope that when the guard starts getting used to me, he'll let me in without searching my trunk. It was rather interesting - I've never had that particular experience before. Sandybear felt kinda bad...but, it wasn't a big deal. We got in okay, dropped munchkin off and went about our merry way. It didn't take long to get to work - we left the daycare about 8:45 and were in Factoria about 9. Not bad at all. Got to drive by all those poor sucka's that don't carpool. MWUHAHAHAHA. It was great. I even stopped to get coffee, though I have to cut back on that particular expense. I like being to work early though.
Other news...I got an email notice that my touch drawing kit will be sent out today. Yay! I can't wait to get that. I have to call UPS too, they need my signature for my book. I'm not home at the times they deliver, so I need to let them know to bring it to work. The book is for my course...I need to print those out too and start doing them. *sighs* It would be so much easier if I had internet service at home. But, no.

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