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Its just occured to me that I haven't really updated in the last week or so. To be honest, I haven't realy been online much, except for at work...and its been so draining that I haven't been able to hold a cohesive thought long enough to type it out.
Today though, isn't so bad..but, now there's so much to say and fill in....where do I even begin? What little tidbits have I forgotten along the way? Well, here's to hoping that I haven't forgotten many.

Monday - Took a vacation day to go to the concert. I went to see Cher & Cyndi Lauper, courtesy of Bryan. It was GREAT!!! I can honestly say though, that I enjoyed Cyndi a bit more than Cher..but, then I've always been more of a Cyndi fan. Cher had the costumes though - beautiful enough to take your breath away. Both women performed beautifully, and I'm glad I got to see it.

Tuesday - I had Tuesday off too..I didn't want to get up early because I wasn't sure when the concert would end. Oddly, I don't remember what I did on Tuesday. Bah.

The rest of the week was pretty usual. Spent it working, and volunteering on Thursday. I think I even went to the house once in the pretense of helping..but, I couldn't tell you for sure.

Saturday Fenris went to get his daughter. We have her for 4 days. I thought we'd discussed this before hand and were just going to get her on Christmas Eve...I had my reasons for just wanting that, and all have been explained to Fenris. Apparently, I was over-ruled and mildly irritated that I seemed to be the only one who didn't know she'd be there for 4 days. After a mild panic about the house, it was all good.
After getting her, we went over to the house for a bit to help paint. I'm not sure we got much done on Saturday, but it was late in the afternoon when we went over. I fixed dinner, and was supposed to make cookies with Pooh...well, the cookies didn't get done. She seemed content for the day though, so that was alright.

Sunday it was back over to the house. We got the paint colors we wanted (finally!!) and all agreed on (Not an easy thing with this bunch! ;) ). The men got the painting done - well, okay, not all of it, but a big portion of it. Pooh and I finally made those cookies. I burned the last batch though *sigh* Oh well. The rest came out decent, which I'm proud of. I was a little worried though that she wouldn't like them. Sometimes it seems like she doesn't like things because I've helped or something. Possible over reaction, I know. She didn't like the cookie batter, too much flour taste. Its been my experience that if the cookie dough is bad, the cookies aren't too hot. Thankfully, she liked the cookies.
The blue we picked for the altar room is a bright, bright blue. Its like an electric robin's egg color. I feel like I'm standing in an easter candy shell :P Kyros said that its calmed down a little now that its dried. I kid you not, the room glowed. We have a lighter glaze to go over it though so it should be fine.

Pooh has been good over the weekend, but honestly there are couple things I'm not entirely certain how to handle. One is her short attention span (which is fairly typical for kids). When we were making cookies, she kept wandering off to where the guys were painting. I know that it can get boring sometimes..but, how do I keep her attention? People with short attention spans are usually difficult for me to cope with (adults especially..children have a bit of understanding). The other is, anytime I tell her to do something or correct her..she pouts. I'm not sure if that's just normal for her age, or if its because I told her. Maybe its a combination of both? ... Is this what my mother went through???

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