onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

The other day I had a strange dream. It was about hunting..in a jungle, or something. I'm not really sure. I remember lots of green foliage...and the rear end of an orange jaguar. Mind you, I could hear birds, but this is the only animal I *saw* in the dream (or the snippet that I remember). For some reason, that word was 'whispered' to me....I mean, I remember thinking "What a pretty jag.." but, then it was like someone whispered it to me. I think I had this dream last week....and for some reason, its really stuck with me. I've been meaning to look up 'jaguar', so I finally did it today and here's what it says:

An Endangered Species

Hear Jaguar speak
(Real Audio)

Jaguar's Wisdom Includes:

Seeing the roads within chaos
Understanding the patterns of chaos
Moving without fear in the darkness
Facilitating soul work
Empowering oneself
Moving in unknown places
Psychic sight

Now, I think I understand part of why this sticks with me. I had my aura photo done a couple weeks ago - and I was told that I was about to receive some spiritual information. On my crown chakra there was a partial entity - most likely an animal guide, per the photographer/interpreter. I'll have to look at the photo again..but, even still, this seems to fit.

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