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I don't want to get up. Don't want to motivate myself. I want to stay under my nice warm blanket, all snuggled up with a purring cat and a delicious book. It's a book I can drown in, have been drowing in all day. It's hard to find those. I could finish it tonight, and start the next in the series, if I didn't have to motivate myself. The weather outside is nasty, cold, wet, windy. Inside, I have heat, hot cocoa and the body heat of two cats to ensure that I feel warm and cozy. There's nothing but the sound of the heater whirring, and the soft scraping sound of a cat's rough tongue gliding over its fur. No TV, not tonight..the wind has blown the cable out. It would have been nice background noise...empty company and sound to fill the house, but I don't need it. Not with a book I can drown in. I've been on the couch all afternoon, reading page after page...even taking a break to nap. I had my lunch on that couch, my nose buried in the book. I have a bag of tasty sweets on the couch, right at the bend of my knee...within easy grasp. Carmel tastes delightful when you're sinking into a book, so lost that all you see is the images the words create before your eyes. The house doesn't exist, the wind a mere attempt at a distraction, the whir of the heater a faint and distant noise. The cats are real and solid, loving things that sometimes demand more attention than the book by sitting on it so you can no longer see the words...no longer be drawn into that fantasy place that it takes you. You can no longer be lost to those precious critters, because they've drawn you back from that alternate reality.
I sighed when I had to put down the book...had to make a real effort to close it, and not pick it up again. It took even more effort to toss the blanket aside, and come sit at the keyboard (when I should be in the shower) to type the vagrant thoughts that have now swarmed within my head. If I didn't type them now, still fresh and thick in my mind, then they'd be lost forever. So, here I sit, alternating between looking longingly at the couch, with the book nestled in the blanket, and a cat right beside it as if to guard it for me.....and looking here, at the harsh light of the computer monitor, watching the words scroll across the whiteness in little black lines. But, I said I'd be somewhere....so, with some motivation, there I will be.
Later tonight, I'll return to my book.....and retreat into that world......

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