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One hell of an update!

Well, I have lots and lots to update on...I'll get to some of it later. Right now, I haven't been updating since I haven't had online service at home and today is the first day back at work. Let me just say, I'm not impressed. *sigh*
I did enjoy my vacation, very much. I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be, but that's alright I guess. I managed to get a lot of reading done, and Fenris and I are no longer 'fighting' over a book ;) I'll complete most of the series soon, I think. I forgot to grab it on my way into work at the moment.
The biggest thing on my mind right now is the move. fenris10 had an accident the other day, and the truck is pretty much immoble. He's fine, thankfully. If you want details, see his journal. At any rate, that's left us without a truck for moving, which means, that unless I can rent a truck (and he agrees to this), that we won't move this weekend as planned. I'm frustrated, because I want to move and be done with it. I also want my internet back. *grumble* I mean, that's not the most important thing, I know.
Anyway, I haven't updated since like before Christmas? So, yeah, a lot of 'catching' up to do.

Christmas Eve - Fenris had the night off, thankfully. That's the big night that my family gets together and has dinner. We packed up all of Pooh's gifts and headed over to my Aunt's for dinner. We have a tradition that we do for dinner - we start off with rice, flavored with sugar, cream and cinnamon. In the rice pot an almond is hidden and whoever ends up with the almond in their rice bowl is prince or princess for the night and gets to make a wish. As children, my cousin and I always got almonds in our bowls. Of course, my aunt made sure that Pooh had the 'special' bowl. She got all excited about having the almond and getting to make the wish. It was cute.
My mother was saying that when they were children, they used to spend Christmas eve with my grandma's sister and her family. There were 2 almonds in the pot - 1 for each family. It was amusing to hear some of the stories, and how they 'argued' with grandma on that. People wonder why I love this season so much - moments like this with my family would be why. All the stress, and all the bitching...is worth it in the end.
After dinner, we took Pooh home and spent the evening vegging in front of the boob tube.

Christmas Day - Fenris and I went over to grandma's house. Got all dressed up (okay, somewhat dressed up), got the presents packed, and headed over. We had intended on having breakfast over there, but didn't get up in time. Even so, we beat everyone else over there, much to my amazement. At grandma's, everything went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed their gifts, which was good. I wish I'd had more to spend, but life is like that. We got some stuff for the kitchen - mainly a toaster (yay!) and a microwave. I got a new blouse, which is a really pretty red, and other assorted goodies that I can't quite recall now. A bit later that evening, we played games and had a lot of fun. I taught my family Guilitene. Ha! Now they're addicted *grin* The only drawback was that Fenris had to work, so couldn't stay to play games.

New Year's Eve - Fenris and I went to the Spot to enjoy a night of playing, dancing, dinner. Well, that was the end of it anyway. Mom had set up an interview for the two of us. It was down in Tacoma though - the issue with this is that between Fenris and I, we have 1 car. He got up with me, drove me down to mom's and drove back home. He had an appointment later that day, so needed the car. We also had plans to play games later that afternoon before we headed out to the club.
I drove down to Tacoma with mom. The interview went well - and I'll update more on that later. I'm a bit reluctant at this time to give out information on it. On our way home, I called Fenris to fill him in on things - the plan had changed to that mom and I would go shopping for a bit, then call him again when we got back and were ready to play. This is all fine and dandy in theory - of course, since all we have are the cell phones, and the service is rather sketchy in the house...yeah, well, you can imagine how that went.
We stopped by grandma's and decided not to go shopping after all because there was a sale starting the next day. I spent an hour trying to get ahold of him and left him numerable messages (which, hopefully, he's erased to make room for more..haha). He finally called back and said he was on his way with the games, he'd fallen asleep watching football. Typical male :P
By this time, my Aunt arrived and we started playing the games we had there. It was all good though - I had lots of fun playing until we needed to get ready for the club. He didn't bring toys for us to play, we seemed to have a misunderstanding when he asked me if he wanted him to bring me anything from home. Mind you, I was in the car with mom at the time. Even if I had understood, like I wanted to just say "Yeah, it would be great if you'd bring the toys, hon. Don't forget the crop!". That would go over well. *smirk* It was still fun though - dinner was good, but I was disappointed. No more roast beast by the time we got there, but the ham was good. Dancing was great..and the best part...I got to kiss my man at midnight to welcome in the new year *grins big*
Shortly thereafter, we battled traffic to get home so I could pass out. I hadn't had much (well, any really) sleep the night before, so I was wiped.

So, there you have it. The majority of what I've been up to lately. I'm sorry its taken so long and hopefully I'll be on again soon at home.

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