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More GOOD news!!

Oh yeah....I can quit my job!!! *does happy dance* I have a new one. I'll be a mortgage broker/office manager when the training is said and done. In the meantime, we figured I could get a part time job if needed to help carry us until I hit office manager.
Right now, the job is commissions because I'm training and bringing in clients. When I get to be manager, I'll help pick out an office (the company will be paying rent, and allowing so much for office expenses), and make no less than $4000 a month...plus commissions. Yes!! It'll be some work getting there, but I'm okay with that.
On Monday, I'll give my notice at work, and the 15th will be my last day. I'm relieved at that...there is an end to madness. Thankfully. My health will appreciate me more too....less stress in my life. Well, a different kind of stress now I guess ;)

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