onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Ideas abounding...

Okay, so I love to roleplay. I know that there are many out there who do...but, email rp goes a little too slow for me, and I don't have access to chats during the day, so..I'm stuck mostly. Blerg. Yes, I'm impatient.
So, while I'm over here lamenting about the slowness of email..I got an idea. Why not make a roleplay game on LJ? Same principle as email really. And I can access it anytime, from anywhere. Anyone else be interested in such a thing? I know there are a couple who have said that they would be (thanks guys!). Now, I just gotta come up with ideas for the rp to be based on (I'm thinking free form rp) and some ground rules..gotta say 'no' to God characters somehow.
So, whatcha think?

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