onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Another doctor appointment

Went to the doctors this morning....and got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It still seems a little sureal that this is happening...when I heard the heartbeat, I was just thinking "oh my God...there really is a baby...."
Its a little frightening and overwhelming. Of course, its still a bit sureal. I think I'd resigned myself to not having children, as it didn't seem likely I'd have any soon. Haha. The Gods have a sense of humor....Master Murphy and Mistress Irony strike again. Yeah, I told that to the midwife, she found it funny...and threatened to put it in my file as a 'warning' :)
The appointment went well...had more ungodly amounts of information unloaded on me, along with a book that has something like 25 chapters, with each chapter breaking down to like 10 sub sections. *blink* I wanted to cry when I looked at the contents alone...there's just so much information. No, seriously, I really did want to cry. Blame it on the hormones.
She did all the usual things that one does for prenatal care, urine sample, blood pressure, weight (which, btw, I'm finally loosing....thanks Mistress Irony.), breast exam, other more private exams, listen to the heartbeat...and of course, she felt the uterus. The midwife said that it felt larger than it should be at the guesstimated 12 weeks, and that I may be closer to 14-16 weeks of pregnancy.
Fenris asked if it could be twins (because, of course, they run on my side of the family...and the last generation skipped.), and she said that its possible. (Again, thank Mistress Irony.) We have an ultrasound scheduled for February, to check how far along I am since they're not sure, and to see if its possibly twins.
My mother, naturally, is thrilled at this. She keeps telling me she wants twins. I keep telling her that's fine - she can give birth to them then. It figures she'd had to have gone through menopause already. The universe works against me some days :P
Kyros keeps saying identical twins..and boys. I'm hoping he's not *that* accurate. Of course, another friend we met tonight told Fenris it would be twin boys...but I'm hoping that's wishful thinking, since she has twin boys.
Here's to hoping that Master Murphy and Mistress Irony don't see fit to lift a 'helping' hand......

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