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I'm continously reminded...

With each nasty call I get..I think, why am I procrastinating on filling out that application? I can't answer that. Maybe because I don't really care for change. There's no reason I should hold back...I'm reminded daily of why I don't like this job. With each customer who prattles on about things that I can't do shit about, and expect me to do something. Its not the company I work for - over all they're pretty decent. Its not my co-workers - again, over all they are decent, likeable people. Its not even really the databases, and lets face it, I have little good to say about those. Its the customers. Not the 'good' customers...but, on the whole, there aren't many of those that call in. Its all the pricks who think they know everything, and you know nothing...yet insist on calling in for 'help'. They are confrontational and generally just stupid. If you have nothing better to do with your day, go find a life, and don't call me. These people are the reason I am beginning to despise people. These people are the reason that when I get up in the morning, I dread coming to work. Its the tension in my shoulders...the muscles that are so tight, I ache all day long. Its that the migraines, which I'd rid myself of for awhile, are coming back. Its the fact that I cringe everytime the phone rings...even at home.

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