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LOL! Well, I'd like to thank everyone for the comments on the last post :) I'll try to do better...but, I don't want to fill up the journal with "did laundry today" or "yelled at the cat for unplugging the computer" *chuckles*
I have however, gotten started on some paperwork for some clients...yay! Possible commission..whew. Not to mention advancement...closer to that nice fat salary is a *good* thing! Just have to take a trip over to mom's now and get some other info. Got plans to do that tomorrow.
Oh..speaking of plans...anyone know where to find lanolin? Or a good substitute for stretch marks? I'm trying to avoid a whole network of those vile things :P
Did some shopping for the baby today..well, mostly pricing. We checked out Babies R Us. Nice place..if a bit expensive. But, they had some good deals on strollers and such. We have a crib, though I haven't seen it yet. It's in the attic. I'd like to get the nursery set up soon, so its ready when the baby is born. I saw some there that I liked though, that turned into toddler and day beds..which would be a good investment. We looked at changing tables too...my God are they expensive!! Roughly $600 for any with drawers or storage. They had some that were nice for around $100 or so...but it shelves underneath, no where to store baby clothes. I'm thinking I'd like a dresser style one....its not like I have a large room for the baby.
Looking around the store, I realized there's just so much to think about for the baby. I never even considered....*sigh* And I think..."My God, there's only 4 months left to get ready...that's only so many paychecks..". It's those moments that make me feel a bit overwhelmed and panicy. Its a good thing I've been assured those are normal feelings!
I have some crafts planned, things I'd like to see if Pooh would be interested in too...I'm working on a cross stitch for the baby. The one I have is stamped, but I was thinking of getting a small counted cross stitch kit to get back into that. Maybe Pooh would enjoy that. I'm also planning on making a dream catcher for his room....and Pooh's if she doesn't want to make her own, but I thought she may enjoy that too. Maybe tomorrow we'll go check out Michaels.
I had wanted to today, but going to lunch, a trip to the bank and walking around the store wore me out. I mean, it just drained me pretty much, at least for a little while. I couldn't believe it..I hadn't felt that drained in awhile. But, we came home to relax for a bit..then headed out to see Dare Devil. It's a fun movie...all action and visual effects...but, fun.
As for names for the baby, there's a few we've thought of:

Garrett Hunter
Garret Leif
Hunter Quinn

I think those are in the top running at the moment....we've even considered Thorne..but I'm not sure if I'd use that for a first or middle name. Or what to put with it for that matter.

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