onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Fenris took me to see "The Life of David Gale" tonight. Let me just say.....wow. Its a very good movie, very much worth full price. I'd see it again in the theater. And there's a twist...a twist that you don't expect. Definately a thinker's movie. I was impressed.
We stopped by Target before the movie, and I finally have some maternity pants..yay! Its rather difficult to find maternity without going to a specialty shop I'm noticing. We tried K-Mart earlier in the week (Mom, grandma and I), and they had three....yes, count 'em, three racks of maternity clothing...and the 'whole' maternity department was on sale. Bleh. And, to top it off...they put it next to the bikinis! Grrr.
I'm proud of myself...I've stayed off the computer all day, until now. Well, okay, that's not exactly true, I checked email this afternoon..but no chat programs or anything. Be proud, that has been my life for the last couple weeks. Erg. I just wanted to make a quick entry before bed....and I'm actually going to (gasp) read tonight. Yes, an actual book. Go me! I borrowed some from Kyros again...some light reading so I can get away from the intenseness of the Anita Blake series for a bit.
So....now, I'm off to join the man in bed ;)

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