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Well, its been an interesting night for information. Good information to say the least.
I'll start with what I learned at the club tonight..yes, I had to drag my tired ass out of bed to go. I talked to a gentleman who I've talked to before about being our birthing coach...well, tonight, he had the idea of adding Tantra to that. He said that he usually practices sex magic when he does magic ..but that he's studied a lot of Tantric practices and it makes sense to apply it to childbirth. He's willing to teach both Fenris and I as he really believes the whole birthing process should be a family thing. That falls right in line with what I believe, so yay! I don't know much about Tantra, but I do know its the exchanging of energy..and I can see where that would be useful and desired in child birth, as well as other areas of life. This may help with my issue of feeling 'stuck' too of late. The discussion group we have planned will help a lot too...but its just funny how this came about ;) I'm thinking it may be a neon sign lit up in my direction. Tomorrow I'll get online and see what info I can find....and any help would be appreciated. If anyone knows of any good sites on Tantra in general, please let me know!
On the other note of good information - I talked to jeebietree via messenger..and he's helped me find some music I'd been looking for. Yay!! I can now buy a CD of Splashdown. Those are out of print, so its not like I can take a jaunt down to Silver Platters and just get it. The other group I wanted more info on was Evanescence...we found some of their earlier CDs on Ebay...for like $90!! I guess I can understand since they were limited prints *sigh*
I got some info on the job too...lets just say, I think I should find a part time job closer to home or something. Not all hope is lost...but, well. I'll go into more detail tomorrow...because well, its 3 am...and yeah. I should be in bed...heh.

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