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On the home front: Took Fenris to the airport on Sunday. He left for Dallas for 3 weeks *sigh* Its been strange sleeping without him. Well, waking without him....he works nights, so I've gotten used to sleeping without him. I miss him.
I've spent the day doing nothing again. I need to motivate myself..I had plans to do with the house. Every time I look at the boxes in the soon to be nursery, I think "I'll deal with it later.." ..but I don't really *have* later, not if I want that done before the baby is born, and I do. I need to have it done before the baby. I've told myself, one hour a day to clean or do boxes, and I should be fine. So far, I've done zero hours. I've had plans to go out walking and haven't done that either. I need to...its healthy for me. Besides, it gets me out of the house for an hour or so.
Went to the doctor on Monday and went over the blood work that was done last month. I have a bladder infection (apparently that was known in Jan, but no one relayed that to me), and I'm slightly anemic. Neither one is a big issue apparently...I have iron pills I take one or two times a day, depending on what I can handle and antibiotics for the infection. Problem is, I can't take the iron pills within 2 hours of eating dairy or 1 hour before eating dairy, and I can't take them with my vitamins. *grumble*

On the job front: Well, things are falling apart. One of the co-owners of the company is being sued it looks like. For fraud. Peachy. Mom gave me more gossip, but I really think that's all that needs to be said. Now, we have the choice of going with Allfund directly, which isn't a bad option..but costly. I don't have the near $300 they require for training and licensing. Mom's decided to work on notes to get the money, and I may try and do that too if I can. She said that note brokering didn't require any money up front..which is good. I'm just hoping this gets started easier and quicker than going with the company did.

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