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Been working on my journal again. Call it a funky 2 am urge..or something. Its not going quite the way I want at the moment...can't find a font color that doesn't offend the eyes. *grumblemumble* I have some more pics I can try however...just have to wait on Kyros to host them :)
The weekend so far has been fun. Picked up Bryan and Zac on Friday. Traffic wasn't nearly as horrible as I thought - thankfully. Had dinner down in Lacey and just chit chatted for a bit before heading home. Once home, we did a midnight grocery trip for breakfast foods and some stuff for dinner.
Today we went to the mall bookstore, then to 1/2 price books. Lots of finds!! I have some new reading material that I can actually...find! ~gasp~ Breakfast before hand was yummy..and lots of food for everyone. We were going to do noodles in brown butter with mizithra (I have no idea how to spell it properly) cheese. YUUUMM. Do you realize Safeway is the only grocery store that seems to carry it?! We went through a total of 3 grocery stores in my area....dammnit, I want my noodles and cheese!!
We're going to fix that tomorrow though - by the time we were done and home, no one was hungry! LOL Typical. Kyros and David went out for dinner anyway...so, tomorrow everyone will have a good lunch :)
Nothing terribly exciting this weekend as far as doing things..but its been really nice just hanging out and talking about various things.
Quote for the weekend:
"Your determination to eat a monkey disturbs me."
"How can you look at a monkey and not get hungry?"

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